A visit to your local pub is always a small adventure as more often than not it means much more than a string of invigorating beers and delicious snacks. That said, your preferred boozer will usually hum with exuberance making you feed off the energy of idle and friendly chit-chat, storytelling and new encounters.  Indeed, the list will go on, capping this all off with a filled with ruptures adrenaline-boost time in front of a fruit machine.



Well, the news is that by creating a new slot game, Local Pub, Belatra managed to replicate the joys that we so eagerly tend to derive from beer places. What is more, the Belarus-based celebrated games provider makes it possible for you to pocket a grand prize in their virtual pub without living the comfort of your sofa.


300 Free Spins Sound like a Heavenly Bonus Round


Ingenious ‘bartenders’ at Belatra will urge you to set your sights on scatters –  shots made of beer and Russian vodka. They do it because 3 glasses of this quite strong potion are intended to empower your gameplay by activating a 15 free spins round.


If after this you are still as cool as a cucumber, try to get 3 more scatters during the bonus game to let 15 more freebies enliven your game even more. We must admit that this is a fantastic opportunity to test yourself and your fortune as the bonus spree can last until you hit a total of 300 free spins.


Have Guts and Double Up Your Win!


What is fantastic about this Local Pub adventure is that risky yet amazingly lucrative Gamble Games punctuate it. This means that each time you achieve a winning combination, you can choose to be transported to a card table. There, dare to beat the dealer’s card and grab twice as much as you won.


Also, a Local Pub unlocks a real fast track to doubling up or quadrupling your cash prize. That said, make sure you capitalize on a Red-or-Black Gamble Round. We would say it is simply a no-brainer yet a cool opportunity to increase your win twofold. Then, and it is a harder one, endeavour to guess a card’s suit to get 4 times of your initial reward instantly.


Max Prize is Quite Tantalising


By taking advantage of all of the 20 betways and the max bet of 2000 credits, you unlock a chance to walk away with a decent winning payout of 500 000 coins. These are 5 wilds on an active payline that do the trick. What is more, taking into account the fact that virtually, with a Gamble Round in play, the sky is the limit, the max prize can take off to 100 000 000 coins!


As this Local Pub slot review have brought up to speed on the robust winning potential of the Local Pub game, it makes sense that you now give it a wild whirl at WildTornado Casino!


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