Text Bitcoin And Other Cryptos Via Facebook Messenger


Lite.IM is a revolutionary project from Zulu Republic, a devoted advocate of cryptocurrencies and money freedom. The announced mission of the project is to make crypto payments a commonplace everywhere on planet Earth, regardless of people’s place of residence and their technical abilities. To this end, Lite.IM chose to tap into the power of smartphones combined with social media.


Taxes In Bitcoin: The Ball Got Rolling


You probably thought the day would never come, but we are about to surprise you by saying that cryptocurrency has made it into the tax payment system in the state of Ohio, in the USA. To be more precise, currently, the privilege of paying taxes in BTC is restricted to businesses alone, with plans for individual entities to come into play in the future.


However, Ohio’s tax law appears to be somewhat perverted. The thing is that although companies make their payments in BTC, there is a middleman in the face of BitPay that makes


Western Union To Adopt Cryptocurrency Technology

Western Union, the American financial services giant, recently stated that they are ready to adopt cryptocurrency as a way of exchanging assets between people and the country. However, the company said that there are three variables which are yet to be met by digital currencies before it can start processing cryptocurrency transfers. These three variables are volatility, compliance and governance.


‘Text’ BTC With The DropBit App From Coin Ninja



There are cryptocurrency enthusiasts that keep being determined to make the world a much better place to live in. They have faith in the power of the financial revolution stirred by virtual money, and therefore they don’t fail to push the envelope in the realm of cutting-edge technologies.


Top 5 Latest Bitcoin Slots to Play



BTC online gaming has proven to be revolutionary for players looking to expand and earn winnings in Bitcoin currency. Check out the top 5 latest slots games hitting the hot list of 2018/2019, what their features are, their knock out bonus games features and what makes them this season’s hottest slots games to play!  



What is Blockchain: A Quick Guide



WildTornado, as a widely recognized and accomplished Bitcoin casino, along with some A-listers in the world, such as Microsoft, Reddit, and PayPal, to name a few, have successfully embraced the groundbreaking technology referred to as blockchain!


Think of Bitcoin in the light of Amazon’s outliving the Internet Bubble Burst


If to go by the predictions of Lou Kerner, the co-founder at Crypto Oracle, Bitcoin will ultimately overshadow gold as it is claimingly the most potent store of value invented up to this day. Mr Kerner also points out that the day it will happen will not be tomorrow or next week, but instead, this significant day is to come years from now. To pinpoint his convictions, the venture capitalist refers to the so-called Amara’s Law as well as to Amazon’s dramatic lows in the times of the dot-com crash.



Let a Teenage Bitcoin Millionaire Give You a Lesson


The story we are about to share with you today is dedicated to Erik Finman, a 20-year-old boy from Germany.


8 years ago, Erik did something that thousands of people, both young and older, woefully wish they had also done. Unlike the bright teenager, they missed a one-off opportunity to become millionaires virtually effortlessly. And chances are you are as well one of those regretful fellas.


Breakthrough As HTC Designs The First Blockchain Smartphone


It’s a known fact that experts in the technology industry never let the grass grow under their feet. They are constantly working to improve on the current technology as well as tackling a number of digital age dilemmas. They are always searching for innovative IT solutions.   


This is evident in one of the leading smartphone makers, HTC. This reputable electronics and smartphone producer has developed the first smartphone operating within the grounds of


People are Abuzz with a New Film on Blockchain


Many say that the conventional world we are used to has been turned upside down with the advent of the absolute wonder of the 21st century known as cryptocurrencies. Arguably, this revolutionary tech invention is capable of putting an end to a number of economic flaws, shameless restrictions, financial schemes and traps that we are so easily susceptible to these

Cryptocurrencies: Overnight Billionaires


Earlier this year, Forbes announced the names of people who became mind-blowingly rich within the last few years. This overnight transition to billion-dollar worth status is attributed to crypto revolution, which has been on the rise over the past two years. But did the cryptocurrency mania pass its peak moment,  or is the real peak still down the road?

Bitcoin Prognosis Updated


Some of the pressing questions that keep tantalizing the minds of both cryptocurrency analysts and crypto aficionados are: “ Will we see a significant rise of Bitcoin till the end of 2018?”, “ Will its value hit an earth-shattering number and when will it happen?”.

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