Local Pub by Belatra: when Fun and Stellar Opportunities merge!

Local Pub by Belatra: when Fun and Stellar Opportunities merge!


A visit to your local pub is always a small adventure as more often than not it means much more than a string of invigorating beers and delicious snacks. That said, your preferred boozer will usually hum with exuberance making you feed off the energy of idle and friendly chit-chat, storytelling and new encounters.  Indeed, the list will go on, capping this all off with a filled with ruptures adrenaline-boost time in front of a fruit machine.


Play an extras-laden Golden Colts SLot by Play’n Go


Golden Colts is the latest 5×3 reel grid adventure that takes players to the oh so hot realm of the Wild West. Our opinion is that Play’N Go picked the theme that is bound to attract a whole bunch of players, even more so when they backed it up with stellar graphics and extras twists at every turn. And something tells us that legions of acolytes of the Wild Wild West: The Great Train


BTC Will Hit $1 Million Soon, McAfee’s Forecast Stands


Again the BTC community is abuzz with the infamous bet made by John McAfee in November 2017. Specifically, back at that time, the business mogul stated that over a short time, BTC would gather such great steam that by the dusk of 2020 it would trade at 1 000 000 000 dollars per single coin.


Fabulous  21st-century Bitcoin Game: Heads and Tails by BGaming

Check out the brain-twister! If you take a tangible Bitcoin and toss it, what side is it going to land on?


Wondering why you should bother answering this one considering the fact that Bitcoin is a virtual cryptocurrency meaning that in rough terms, it is a series of letters and numbers imprinted in the public ledger? So the whole thing does not quite make sense.


What is Provably Fair Gambling: Easy Guide


These days, if you have an intention to gamble online, expect that the market will bombard you with a myriad of different offers. A wide variety of options sounds great, doesn’t it? On the flip side, however, being spoilt for choice comes with some inherent drawbacks.

For instance, the first question you have to ask yourself while choosing a casino is  ‘How can I make sure that each spin or bet I make are really independent events and no human intervention took place’?



Ozzy Osbourne in NetEnt’s New Branded Slot


If you are wondering what NetEnt has to do with the guy who sank his teeth into a breathing dove and bit its head off, we will enlighten you right away!


Net Entertainment struck up a deal with Global Merchandising Services to have the living rock legend, Ozzy Osbourne, feature their upcoming music slot game. Although the producer has not


Special Poker Strategy


Poker isn’t a complex casino game – contrary to what people think. Learning the fundamental rules and mastering which hands to play is something that you can do in minutes. This is the easy part. But it’s mastering the way of playing – and making poker a source of earning money consistently – that can take you a lifetime.


Free Spins Without Limits in Wild Falls slot by Play’N Go



Whenever Play’N Go releases a slot game, we are over excited and immediately rush to cover it in WildTornado’s blog.Why? Well, because we simply love the fact that, for multiple years, players could barely feel let down by this capable games provider. To tell you more, audiences were truly taken with the feast of games such as Battle Royal, Dragon Maiden, Gunslinger: Reloaded, Rise of Olympus, Sweet Alchemy, Hugo Goal, and the list will go on and on.



What Is RTP and Why High RTP Slot Machines Matter?



If you browse through online guides, blogs and reviews on the subject of online slot machines, you are bound to run into the term ‘RTP’ (Return to Player) multiple times. And if you found yourself reading this post, it means you need a good clarification of what actually the RTP and RTP-based betting are about and why you should pay attention to it when you decide to play a particular slot machine.


Hot Vs Cold Slot Games Online


Hot Shots and Cold Shots While Playing Slot Machines


While playing online slot games it is not unlikely that players undergo both winning and dry spells. And according to such cycles, punters started observing patterns before coming up with terms such as ‘hot slots’ and ‘cold slots’. ”Hot slots’ basically are machines that are winning, while ‘cold slots’ are the opposite.


Top 15 Free Slot Games Online for iPad


If you are an avid slots player who fancies games with immersive gameplay and crisp graphics, you might want to pay keen attention as we have a post prepared for you covering the best free slots for iPad.


Nowadays, a big number of players is drawn to iPad games just as the moths are drawn to a flame. And it’s not difficult to figure out why. First of all, these state-of-the -art gadgets enable


How to Double Up Your Wins in an Online Slot



Winning is great! However, there is one thing that could actually beat winning. And this is… drum roll, please. Doubling up your wins! The feature that serves the purpose of doubling up your cash prizes is known as a Gamble Feature which again brings us to the win-all or lose-all nature of gambling.


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