If you browse through online guides, blogs and reviews on the subject of online slot machines, you are bound to run into the term ‘RTP’ (Return to Player) multiple times. And if you found yourself reading this post, it means you need a good clarification of what actually the RTP and RTP-based betting are about and why you should pay attention to it when you decide to play a particular slot machine.



WildTornado Casino makes sure you find the answers to the above-mentioned questions below. So do keep reading.



Breaking down the slots RTP



To put it briefly, the RTP (Return to Player) shows how much money wagered by a player will be paid back to him/her by a slot machine. In fact, it is calculated as a percentage and this figure differs from one slot machine to another. For instance, NetEnt’s Vikings slot has an RTP of 96.5 %, whereas the Blood Suckers slot by the same provider is set at a 98% RTP.


As great as it sounds to be able to return 96.5% or 98% of your investment, there is one thing you have to bear in mind though. We are referring to the theoretical nature of the RTP that suggests that the announced percentage may not be actually paid in one or two game sessions. Rather, it is calculated within a prolonged period of playtime. So if, for example, you bet 100 coins on a slot with a 98% RTP, it doesn’t mean you should anticipate 98 coins back.


This is explained by the fact that from time to time your 98 coins will contribute to a win of another player who happens to be playing the same game. Likewise, when luck is on your side, another player’s bet will constitute 150 coins as your winning payout. But you never know when you will lose or win as much as how many spins are needed to experience the effects of the announced RTP.



How the casino RTP is calculated



The attraction of gambling boils down to the feeling of suspense; the idea of finally raking in a jackpot made up from stakes of other players.


That said, you should regard the RTP in the light of all playtime sessions by all gamers who participate in a certain slot game. And in case you bag $350 from a $10 investment, you can see that the payout percentage rockets to 3500%. This implies that a lot of other punters are experiencing losses in the same game. And as you were riding on the crest of the luck wave, they didn’t manage to get to the advertised RTP.  


It brings us to the conclusion that the Return to Player may not be fulfilled within any specific number of spinning sessions and that you also cannot take into consideration the prior spinning sessions taken by other players. We can therefore call it a long bet for a regular player to be able to count the RTP.


Why should you consider a slot machine’s RTP?



Having browsed through the above, you could think that you don’t really need to bother about this way too theoretical rate.  


However, it is not quite accurate as you still have to consider a metric called the house edge. To spell out the concept of the house edge, we have to mention that casinos make money on each slot – this is how they maintain their existence – and their house advantage is evident in the advertised RTP.


To illustrate how exactly it works, let’s have a look at a particular example. If let’s say, an online slot comes with a 97% RTP, then the house-edge amounts to 3$ (100%-97% = 3%). This is, again theoretically, the percentage of your bet lost in favour of a casino.


Therefore, these numbers indeed come in handy if you want to figure out how worthwhile a game is in terms of its potential payout. In other words, although these figures will not determine your long-term playtime outcome, they will certainly speak volumes about a game’s long-term scenario, providing you with the understanding of whether a game will eventually be lucrative or not.


Also, it is worth mentioning that a decent online slot has to offer the rate which is not less than 95%. And of course, the bigger the percentage, the better the long-time odds. Otherwise, it is a no-brainer that a game is a robbery.


Lastly, if you are interested in playing the best RTP slots, here you will find a comprehensive collection of those – Top 7 Slots With The Highest RTP Rates By NetEnt.



Now as you have come up to speed on the concept of RTP, gambling is bound to be much more rewarding and thus fun for you!


WildTornado Casino has chosen to bring you a true gambling value as our mission. It is, therefore, a safe bet that our ‘hot games’ or ‘new games’ fused with WildTornado’s cool promotions will do the trick for you!


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