Check out the brain-twister! If you take a tangible Bitcoin and toss it, what side is it going to land on?


Wondering why you should bother answering this one considering the fact that Bitcoin is a virtual cryptocurrency meaning that in rough terms, it is a series of letters and numbers imprinted in the public ledger? So the whole thing does not quite make sense.



Well, as it appears BGaming, a forward-thinking BTC gaming software provider knows better. The bottom line is that it leverages the power of digital money not only to power its provably fair online games, but it also brings a physical Bitcoin to the fore in a new tossing game.


Heads and Tails Game



A great striving of BGaming’s people to push the envelope in online gambling gave a new lease of life to a traditional Heads and Tails game. To be more specific, they imbued it with an innovative Bitcoin twist.


In its essence, the game is nothing but a no-brainer. To carry off the winning prize of 1.98 your wager, you have to hit the nail on its head while predicting the outcome of Bitcoin tossing. Thus, the only mental exertion required from you is deciding upon either a heads or tails outcome, and hopefully, take home virtually a double sum of what you have bet.


So here are all your steps in the game broken down:


  • choose how much you are going to wager.Your options: $1, $5, $10, $25 and $100
  • click on either a ‘heads’ or ‘tails’ field on the main screen
  • fair game provability exclusive to Bitcoin (and other cryptos) makes sure your flip is subject to the independent verification
  • if you succeeded in guessing, you grab a 1.98 x your wager


Vires in numeris or ‘strength in numbers’



If you are interested in our judgment on BGaming’s game of chance, we’ll spit it out:


We are simply blown away with the game’s state-of-the-art design and animations. What is more, these gorgeous visuals are backed up by the simplistic fascination of gameplay as well as a powerful philosophical idea of the 21st century!


To tell you more, expect to find yourself in the immaculate dimly lit chamber, where every corner gives off the air of cutting-edge technological sophistication. Of course, the of it is the centrepiece is Bitcoin itself fixed in the non-gravitational field. With bated breath, you will observe it spin smoothly as soon as the die is cast.


Then, guys at BGaming are true believers in the power of the cryptocurrency revolution. It is evident in many ways of theirs, including the message they express via the design of the coin they urge you to flip. The inscription on it reads ‘vires in numeris’ – the Latin saying celebrating the power of numbers. The motto is well known in the circles of the crypto initiated as it is often imprinted on the minted ‘golden’ Bitcoins.


Well, let us take our hats to BGaming and their fantastic game of chance! You are welcome to test your luck with Heads and Tails,  a highly secure futuristic offspring of both blockchain and BGaming! We also offer the friendly grounds of WildTornado Casino as your comfortable winning environment!


Time to flip a Bitcoin to discover you are a fortunate winner!

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