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What is an online casino without multi-player slot tournaments to fire up your play? We’re running Slot Combat each Friday, so get ready to put your gaming skills to the test. We hope you will enjoy our tournaments as much as we do

Prize Pool:
1500.00 EUR
Time left before finish:
13D 00H 02M 18S
1 300 EUR
2 300 EUR
3 300 EUR
4 300 EUR
5 300 EUR
Why compete against other players?
Tournaments give you a decent chance of winning big without risking too much money. Your mission is to outbeat other players, not the casino, and that spices up your experience. Get into thrilling action each Friday and you’ll soon find out why it’s so much fun leaving your mark on the winner scoreboard.
How to enter our tournaments
  1. Open a casino account
  2. Make Real Money bets
  3. Enjoy hot battles for lucrative prize pots
Current leaderboard
Place Player Points Prize
1 rick*** 281,280 300.00 EUR
2 saura*** 278,040 300.00 EUR
3 epe0*** 104,902 300.00 EUR
4 Sapoun*** 57,931 300.00 EUR
5 anguyen1*** 56,552 300.00 EUR
What are slot tournaments?
During slot tournaments individual players compete with other participants for the highest score on the designated game(s). The leading player takes it all!
Are they for seasoned players only?
Absolutely not! Anyone is welcome to play and win. And you know what? Even if you don't get to the top of the leaderboard, you’ll have a lot of fun trying.
Slot Combat - Terms
  1. The minimum bet that can be placed is €0.5.
  2. Wagering on table games do not count towards the promotion. Wagering amounts are turned into points and shown on this page.
  3. The winners will be declared by the end of the tournament and the prizes will be paid automatically.
  4. If you have played in currency other than EUR, you will get the equivalent amount in your currency.
  5. Accounts that are closed/self-excluded/blocked when the tournament ends will not be paid.
  6. The countdown on the top of this page shows the start of a new Slot Combat Period.
  7. Only real money wagering counts (no bonus money play).
  8. All other casino terms & conditions will apply.