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Open emails from WildTornado every Tuesday & Wednesday to be in the loop about all the insane bonuses coming your way. Take advantage of our exclusive offers! It could be anything, from cashback and free gifts to VIP tourneys and special bonuses.

Get Email Offers from WildTornado

  1. Put yourself on WildTornado Newsletter List

    When logged into WildTornado, go to My Account, Profile Info tab, check if "Receive Newsletters" and "Receive Promos" set to Yes.

  2. Whitelist WildTornado

    Make sure our emails are getting delivered to you by adding WildTornado to your safe sender list. Check how it works with the popular Mail setups:

    Gmail - Open the email from WildTornado, drag-and-drop the email message from beneath the tab it’s currently filed under, to the “Primary” tab. You will see a message alert: “The conversation has been moved to "Primary". Undo

  3. Do this for future messages from” Click "Yes".

    MSN Hotmail - Go to the "Options" page, click on "Mail" and then "Junk E-Mail Protection" (left side of page), select "Add to Senders Safe List," enter the email and click "Add."

    Yahoo Mail - Choose the "Not Spam" button to report emails that you want in the Inbox, rather than the Bulk folder.